We all know how important it is to have trees around our property as it can give the greener view and fresher air to inhale every single day and the shade that can help us to feel cooler when the summer or the hot days of the year. If there are problems, then it is easy for us to call the tree removal Pleasanton to help us or when we need someone to remove the tree that we think that are not so helpful and can destroy the view of the place. We don’t want to remove the trees sometimes but there are some cases that we have to and it is not because we don’t like it or due to the possibility of maintaining it but because of another reason and that could be about the condition of the tree or the parts that are not so helpful anymore and it gives disturbances to others.  

Most of the kids knew that the trees can give us most of the things that we need like shelter when we don’t have houses before and even now as we get some parts of the trees to make the walls or the flooring of the house and it is always depend on the type of the tree that you can use. All of the children believe that the tree is beneficial in giving us foods especially fruits and it is very good for our health and even the vegetables that we are planning on the ground. Aside from that, they should also be open when it comes to the possibilities of the dangers that those trees can bring to the people especially when the rain pours heavily or when there is a problem to the tree like it is not getting any healthier.  

When the trees are becoming older, then the roots of the plants are also getting bigger and it occupies too much space in your property especially to the ground as it needs to get more nutrients and minerals. You need to think in advance about the possible problems of letting this kind of plant to stay there as it may damage the landscape of your garden especially when you are trying to take care of some vegetables and flowering plants. The competition for the minerals and vitamins would be very hard and the survival of the best one could be accomplished here.  

Another problem that you have to face here is the plumbing system where your water source is coming from and it can create leak to the pipe when there is no space anymore for the roots to grow and it can affect everything that is under the ground including the different utilities like the wires. In connection to this one, the roots of the trees could damage as well the overall foundation of the house or the property and it is hard to make it better again unless you have a lot of money to reconstruct the problems there.